Rules, Regulations, and Format


  1. Entries MUST BE RECEIVED by February 28, 2019.
  3. Tournament and dinner fees must accompany the entry form.
  4. See page 3 of entry form for T-shirt size information.
  5. This is a senior tournament. All players must be at least 50 years of age by December 31, 2019.
  6. This is a Round Robin tournament with a guarantee of 2 matches per event.
  7. Players may enter a maximum of 2 events. A player may not play in the same doubles event with 2 different partners.
  8. Players with schedule conflicts may be limited to playing in only 1 event.
  9. Round Robin draws are very difficult to arrange & even more difficult to change once finalized. We strongly request the commitment of all participants in clearing their calendars between 8 am and 2 pm from Wednesday through Sunday [March 27- 31]. This will improve our ability to smoothly schedule all matches & enhance the enjoyment for all participants. If your conflict cannot be rescheduled [i.e., a long standing doctor’s appt.], please submit the specific day, date & time information with your registration form. While there is no guarantee, we will try to accommodate your request: failing that, you will be notified & refunded. Once the draw has been posted, there will be no changes or refunds.
  10. “Events by Age” are open to & may include players at all levels. If you are concerned about playing against higher rated opponents, consider playing in an appropriate “Event by Rating”.
  11. Doubles partners playing in “Events by Rating” may not be more than 0.5 rating points apart.
  12. Submit 1 form per event (do not enter 2 events on 1 form). Multiple forms may be mailed in 1 envelope & multiple fees may be combined in 1 check.
  13. Players are expected to be as accurate as possible regarding their playing level. If you have played on a team within the past 2 years, you must enter the tournament “at or above” that rating. Players may not play at a lower rating but may play at a higher rating.
  14. Players between ages 50-64 must play in events by rating. Players ages 65 & over may play in events by age &/or rating.
  15. If an event does not have the minimum number of 3 players or teams to provide a guarantee of 2 matches, you will be contacted regarding your options: Move to a higher skill level, or move to a lower age level, or refund.
  16. The DRAW will be posted at the Memo’s Tennis Complex on Sunday, March 24th by 1 p.m.
  17. Players will be informed by phone of their initial match start time on Saturday March 23rd.
  18. It is the player’s responsibility to obtain starting times for subsequent matches. Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to their posted start time. Matches may start early if courts are available & all players are present.
  19. USTA membership is not required; however, USTA Rules & Code of Conduct will be used. Some exceptions – see website & scoreboard.
  20. Players may be subject to default if unable to play within 15 minutes after their posted start time.
  21. Matches are determined by the best of 3 sets, regular scoring, with a 7-point tiebreak at 6-all. In lieu of a third set, a 10-point tiebreak will be used. The Coman tiebreak will be used for all tiebreaks.
  22. If you would like to play doubles but do not have a partner, please email us at . Include all of the following:
    Your name, phone #, level, age & in which event(s) you are interested in playing. If players are available, you will be contacted.
  23. By submission of entry form, players assume full responsibility for participation in the tournament & release the Sun City West Tennis Club, its Sponsors, & The Recreation Centers of Sun City West from all claims.





PROCEDURE: Each team shall play every other team in their group in the Round Robin.

DETERMINING THE ORDER OF FINISH: The team that wins the most matches is the winner. If two (2) teams are tied, then the winner of their head-to-head match is the winner.

If three (3) or more teams are tied, the Referee shall use the following steps in the order listed to break all ties. The Referee shall break as many ties as possible using a given step before using the next step. These steps are:

  • the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving just the tied teams;
  • the team with the highest percentage of sets won of all sets completed;
  • head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied;
  • the team with the highest percentage of games won of all games completed;
  • the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the players who remain tied;
  • the team with the highest percentage of sets won of sets completed among teams in the group under consideration;
  • the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied;
  • the team with the highest percentage of games won of games completed among the teams under consideration;
  • the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied;

If the Referee has applied all the steps and a tie still cannot be broken, the Referee shall use a random drawing among the remaining tied teams to determine their order of finish.

A 10-Point Match Tiebreak played in lieu of a deciding final set counts as both one set and one game for the purpose of determining the order of finish. If the players play out the 3rd set or any portion thereof, it will still count as only one set and one game.

DEFAULTS, WITHDRAWALS, WALKOVERS, AND RETIREMENTS. A team is credited with a win if the opposing team withdraws; creates a Walkover; retires; or an official defaults the opposing team.

When breaking a tie, only completed sets count as sets won and only completed games count as games won. A team who is defaulted for any reason other than lateness shall not play in subsequent matches and may not be declared the winner of the Round Robin. A team who is defaulted, retires, or creates a Walkover shall finish lower than every team who has an identical match record.

All scores of completed matches, sets, and games shall be retained for determining the order of finish.



  1. Follow USTA rules and the Code
  2. Match times are posted on the bulletin board. It is the responsibility of each player to confirm their match dates and times
  3. If your assigned court is available before your posted start time, you may warm-up in advance
  4. There may be other courts open for warm-up before your match start time, please check at the court assignment table
  5. Warm-ups should be kept as short as possible – less than 10 minutes
  6. The score-keeping device on the court should be used. It is the responsibility of both sides to ensure that the score is correct.
  7. All matches are the best of 3 sets with regular add scoring
  8. A 7-point tiebreak will be played at 6 all
  9. Change sides after a set tiebreak
  10. When sets are split, the third set will be played as a 10-point match tiebreak
  11. All tiebreaks will follow the Coman system
  12. Odd game, change of sides rest is limited to the traditional time of 90 seconds
  13. A 2 minute rest or bathroom break may be taken at the end of each set
  14. There are no breaks or rest time between even games or on the changeover during a tiebreak. EXCEPTION: For safety reasons, on hot days, a player may take a quick drink between games or during a tiebreak changeover
  15. The maximum amount of time allowed for an injury time-out is 15 minutes.
  16. The maximum number of injury time-outs allowed is 2.
  17. Both players (singles) or 1 player from each team (doubles) is to report the score to the court assignment table immediately after the match
  18. Used balls are to be returned to the court assignment table after the match

3 Matches in 1 Day Policy

  1. No one will ever be required to play 3 matches in 1 day
  2. Based on updated scheduling practices, there should be no need to schedule any player for 3 matches in the same day
  3. In extenuating circumstances like a rain out, players will be allowed to play a 3rd match on the same day if all players agree. If at least 1 person does not want to play a 3rd match they have the following options:
    1. If it is early in the tournament, they may agree to play on a different day
    2. If there is a day available where no player would end up playing 3 matches, & the opposing players choose not to play, then those players would forfeit
    3. If this occurs on a Sunday & the player who would play 3 matches in the same day does not want to play, they may play on Monday. If all 4 players are not available to play on Monday, they may:
      1. Play a 10 point tie-breaker on Sunday if all players agree, otherwise,
      2. Flip a coin